8 Tips for Growing Long, Luscious Hair

February 12, 2021

What's the go with hair growth? Can you make hair grow faster?

The truth is, you can’t really speed up the process. At most, hair grows only about half an inch every month. In short, there’s no miracle for faster-growing hair.

However, we can prevent sabotaging our hair growth. With a little patience and the best stuff to help hair grow, these tips can help you achieve long, luscious locks.

Start at the scalp

Often, when trying to grow our hair, we focus on the hair itself. Instead, start at the scalp to encourage hair growth.

Our scalp supplies blood and nutrients to our hair follicles. So, taking care of our scalps promotes healthier hair. Scalp oils and masks help minimise shedding and hair loss, too.

Trim Regularly

It seems counterintuitive, but regular trims are what helps hair grow faster. By removing split ends before they start, you’re preventing the breakage that leaves your hair thinner and shorter.

Ask your hairdresser to trim off an eighth of an inch every ten to twelve weeks.

Embrace Supplements

Supplements and vitamins for hair growth are a huge piece to the puzzle.

Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in the body. Keratin is the most abundant protein in hair. The amino acids within collagen help build and strengthen keratin. It’s a match made in heaven.

A study by the University of Milan showed an increase in hair diameter of up to 49% after taking collagen supplements for only three months. Imagine what collagen supplements taken regularly can do.

Collagen also helps protect hair from free radicals and strengthens the dermis of the scalp to prevent hair loss. Collagen supplements make it easy to add collagen to your water or smoothies. It’s a must if you’re looking to grow longer hair.

Fewer Washes

Most shampoos strip away the natural oils in your hair. These oils are necessary to nourish your hair, helping it grow long and strong.

There’s no need to shampoo your hair every day. Shampooing every other day, every third day, or even just once a week can help a tonne.

Skip the Heat

Heated hair tools are a major contributor to hair damage. You should always use a heat protector before using straighteners or curling irons.

However, the best way to promote hair growth is by skipping the heat, saving these styles for special occasions.

Go Natural

Perhaps you bleach your hair regularly or put highlights in your hair every six months.

Colour treatments leave your hair dry and brittle. To grow longer hair, consider going natural for a while without colouring your hair at all.

Be Gentle

Yanking at your hair and pulling it tight wreaks havoc on your roots. Be gentler with your hair every step of the way.

When shampooing, massage only your scalp and let it wash through the ends. Brush your hair gently. Use clips instead of tight elastics. Pat your hair dry with a microfibre cloth.

The easier you are on your hair, the more it’ll grow.

Sleep on Silk

Much of the damage done to our hair happens in our sleep. Cotton pillowcases, in particular, can be rough on our hair when we move around at night.

Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase that won’t cause as much friction. Strands of your long, luscious hair will be able to glide gently across your pillow at night causing less breakage.

Even though you won’t be able to magically enhance hair growth, these tips can help ensure you’re not doing any more damage.

By embracing these steps and choosing the best supplements for hair growth, you’ll have longer hair in no time.

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