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What is

marine collagen?

Collagen is the most frequently occurring protein in the human body, and is vital for maintaining skin, hair, nails, muscles and bones.

Unfortunately, our bodies’ natural collagen production slows in our mid-twenties, dwindles in our thirties, and by our fifties and sixties, has disappeared altogether. Combined with harsh environments, poor diet and toxins, the result is what we know as ageing: fine lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, brittle nails and loss of muscle tone.

But as science shows, the process is far from inevitable. By proactively replenishing lost collagen with Mother Nature’s pure marine collagen, you can restore your body’s collagen levels, re-activate natural collagen production, and minimise further collagen breakdown in the future.

Sourced from deep sea fish, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is the purest and highest grade marine collagen in the world. Not only is it more potent than collagen derived from fresh water fish, or animals such as pork and chicken, ProPlenish Marine Collagen is also hydrolysed, ensuring faster and more effective absorption by the body.

Simply dissolve the odourless powder into your favourite food or drink, and marvel as it works from within to reinvigorate your skin, nails and hair.

Including marine collagen in your daily diet helps:

Hair—strengthens hair at the root by restoring collagen in the hair follicle to aid hair growth, thickness, texture and body.

Skin—rejuvenates, supports and strengthens, aids in skin elasticity, smooths fine lines, tightens and evens out skin tone.

Hydration and resilience—increases the skin’s ability to retain moisture for overall smoothness and plumping of the skin.

Nails—helps to improve and strengthen splitting, weak, and flaking nails.

Muscles tendons and joints—assists with lean muscle gain and tone, training and exercise recovery, as well as joint integrity.

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