Anti-ageing Beauty Slipcase

100% Pure Mulberry Silk

(3 customer reviews)

Experience the anti-ageing benefits of sleeping on 100% pure premium Mulberry silk. Nourish skin, minimise crease lines and protect hair – all whilst you sleep.

+ 1 x Standard pillowcase (50cm x 70cm)
+ Colour: White
+ 100% pure premium Mulberry silk
+ 22 momme high grade 6A fibres
+ Features: Invisible zip closure, non-toxic dyes

Key Features

  • Nourish skin
  • Protect hair
  • Invisible zip closure
  • Non-toxic dyes


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Anti-ageing Benefits

Crease Free Hydrated Skin
Silk is a non-absorbent fabric that won’t deplete your skins moisture levels or absorb valuable face serums and night creams. The natural properties of silk put less pressure on your skin whilst you sleep helping to minimise crease lines, friction and rubbing – providing less chance of creases becoming permanent wrinkles.

Smooth Hair
Resting your head on a cotton pillowcase can agitate and roughen up the hair cuticle whilst depleting your hair of vital moisture. Silk allows your hair to glide with ease whilst you sleep, helping to reduce unwanted hair breakage, split ends and damage caused by friction. The smooth surface of silk also helps your blow dry last longer, so you no longer need to tackle dreaded bed-head.

Healthy Sleep
Silk is a natural fiber with beneficial temperature regulating qualities. The breathable fabric helps to minimise sweat, reduce breakouts and irritation to the skin. Naturally hypoallergenic, silk is resistant to dust mites and other allergens making it beneficial for both your beauty health and wellbeing.

Care Instructions

Hand washing your Anti-ageing Beauty Slipcase is the best way to take care of it to ensure longevity.

If time poor between hand washes: Machine wash in lukewarm water, turn inside out and place inside a wash bag. Please note this washing method could lessen the lifespan of your slipcase.


3 reviews for Anti-ageing Beauty Slipcase

  1. Ursula H. (verified owner)

    Rating :

    I love it I can sleep much better now

  2. Bee Yan (verified owner)

    Rating :

    I recently bought this silk pillow case to try out. I find it very comfortable to sleep on, much better than my previous cotton pillow case. So I bought few more to give to my friends as Christmas present. It comes with nice packaging.

  3. Ursula Huls (verified owner)

    Rating :

    I love it so much better to fall a sleep

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"Sleeping on Silk is a real beauty game changer"

“After just 1 sleep on the ProPlenish pillowcase I could see and feel a difference. Sleeping on Silk is a real beauty game changer. I could feel the fabric was much more gentle on my face and when I woke my hair didn’t seem as frizzy or knotted. I love that it has a zip so the pillowcase fits snug and doesn’t slide off the pillow whilst you sleep. ” – Michelle

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