Decoding Flawless Skin with Chantelle Baker: Her Guide to Radiant Beauty

November 21, 2023

We delve into the world of beauty with Chantelle Baker, a distinguished makeup artist with over 20 years of experience.

Renowned for creating flawless makeup looks for international names like Gigi Hadid, Adriana Lima, and local faces Jesinta Franklin and Rozalia Russian, just to name a few. In this interview, Chantelle shares her coveted beauty secrets, offering insights into flawless skin, achieving youthful radiance, and mastering age-defying makeup.

Navigating the Path to Flawless Skin

Achieving flawless skin is a common goal, but navigating the multitude of trends and products in the market can be perplexing. Drawing on Chantelle’s expertise, we asked for her insights into the essential product for flawless skin.

Chantelle’s go-to product for achieving flawless skin revolves around the essence of hydration. She emphatically states, “Anything with hydration! I love hyaluronic acid or vitamin C. That is my number 1 tip. Hydrate!” This insight underscores the pivotal role of proper hydration in skincare, as it transcends a mere skincare step—it’s the fundamental cornerstone for skin health and radiance.

Chantelle goes beyond external solutions, emphasising the holistic approach of beauty from the inside out. She affirms, “Also, it’s what you put into your body, so beauty from the inside out. Water, collagen, vitamins, and a healthy diet work wonders for the skin.” This balanced blend nourishes the skin from within, creating a flawless complexion that radiates an inner glow.

Chantelle’s approach to flawless skin integrates external skincare with internal nourishment, offering valuable insight for individuals navigating the complex landscape of skincare products and trends.

Tailoring Radiance Across Skin Types

Getting the best results from your makeup hinges on understanding your skin type, which can be categorised into three main types: dry, oily, or combination. We asked Chantelle about the secret to achieving a youthful appearance on different skin types. She shares, “It’s important to know your skin type. Everyone’s skin is different, so what works for some may not work for others.”

Normal/Dry Skin
For normal/dry skin, Chantelle recommends commencing with a hydrating mask. Her favorite she notes is the Anti-ageing Facial Mask by ProPlenish, which she describes as “super hydrating and luxurious, leaving the skin plump, glowing, and a perfect prep for makeup.” This approach ensures that makeup application on normal/dry skin starts with a well-moisturised and radiant canvas.

Oily Skin
Chantelle acknowledges the importance of cleansing for oily skin but advises against stripping the skin. She opts for a lighter moisturiser or serum and suggests steering clear of rich formulas. Even for oily skin types, hydration remains crucial. Chantelle emphasises, “Hydration is still necessary for oily skin types,” highlighting a balanced approach that nurtures the skin’s health while managing oiliness.

Combination Skin
For combination skin, Chantelle recommends using a lightweight mattifying moisturiser. She notes, “The skin will always need hydration, and using a mattifying moisturiser will ensure your skin gets the moisture it needs without adding additional oils to oily parts of the skin.” Another great tip is to find the right foundation. If you prefer a glowy look but don’t want to look oily, Chantelle suggests using a matte primer before applying foundation and finishing with a translucent powder, which won’t make dry parts of the skin appear drier.

Glass skin makeup trend

Chantelle’s Summer Beauty Trend Forecast

As we transition into the warmer spring/summer months, we tapped into Chantelle’s expertise to glean insights into upcoming skin and makeup trends. She shares, “Glass skin is in, see through, showing freckles, glossy, pinks, flushed Rosie cheeks. Less is more this season, all about showing your natural beauty. Moving away from heavy baking and contoured lines. All about bronzed, fresh glow.”

Chantelle’s foresight into the trends for the season encapsulates a desire for a natural and radiant appearance. Embracing the beauty of ‘glass skin’—translucent, showcasing freckles, and adorned with glossy, flushed cheeks—the trend encourages a minimalist approach.

Chantelle’s predictions for the warmer months reflect a shift towards simplicity and embracing individual beauty. Her expert insights provide a guide for achieving a radiant and on-trend look as we step into the sunnier seasons.

Wedding Makeup

Timeless Bridal Glow: Mastering Wedding Makeup Perfection

Your wedding is arguably the most photographed day of your life, making flawless makeup essential. As we step into wedding season, we sought Chantelle’s expert advice on bridal makeup. She emphasises, “Wedding makeup is all about longevity but keeping it more fresh and subtle.”

Chantelle’s approach seamlessly blends enduring elegance with a touch of freshness. Her philosophy centers on longevity while maintaining a fresh and subtle appearance. Chantelle affirms, “Skin care is so important leading up to the day.” To ensure a perfect base, she recommends using ProPlenish masks regularly in the months before and incorporating quality skincare into the routine.

“It’s important to have a good skincare regime all year round, not just in the lead up to your wedding day. Don’t do anything too drastic in the days before, such as peels, as it can make the skin breakout. I see so many brides who have made this mistake. Try regular beauty tools – depuff the skin with Rollers and plump collagen. I keep mine in the freezer and use it with my weekly ProPlenish mask.”

Chantelle’s tips ensure brides achieve a timeless and natural radiance on their special day. Her advice, grounded in both makeup and skincare, creates a flawless and enduring bridal look.

Mature skin makeup

Age-Defying Makeup: Tips for Enhancing Mature Skin’s Natural Beauty

Understanding that makeup needs evolve as skin ages—becoming duller, drier, and lackluster—we asked Chantelle, ‘What makeup is best for ageing/mature skin?’ Chantelle recommends, ‘Anything that is hydrating. Nothing too heavy, cakey, or matte. Keep the natural glow.’

Her vision for age-defying makeup revolves around hydration and embracing a natural glow. Chantelle suggests using tinted serums, lightweight concealers, and transformative effects by nourishing the skin from within—a philosophy centered on simplicity and radiance.

Chantelle’s expertise advocates for a makeup routine that enhances, rather than conceals, the beauty that comes with age. She further encourages regularly exercising the skin using methods such as Dermarolling, Gua Sha, and Rolling, citing their impact on ageing skin.

You can follow Chantelle’s work on instagram @chantellebaker



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