Can Reusable Water Bottles Save the Environment?

January 25, 2021

Single-use plastic wreaks havoc on our natural world. But can reusable bottles really be the answer? Here, we're explaining why plastic single-use water bottle are so harmful to the environment and how reusable water bottles can help.

Most plastic bottles end up in landfills

Every year Australians buy 15 billion plastic bottles. Most of them end up in landfills and waterways.  If Australian’s used reusable bottles half the time, we’d save 7.5 billion water bottles from going to waste.

Plastic water bottles use large amounts of resources to produce

The production of plastic water bottles uses vast amounts of resources.

It takes three litres of water and 250ml of oil to produce a one-litre plastic bottle of water. That’s 45 billion litres of water and 3.75 billion litres of oil to supply annual consumption.

Imagine all the better ways we could use that water and oil. Even better, imagine how beneficial it would be not to use that water and oil at all.

Few plastic water bottles are recycled

One argument for using plastic water bottles is that they’re recyclable. Fair enough. But, most aren’t recycled at all. Only around 36% of plastic water bottles are recycled in Australia each year. This leaves about 373 million plastic water bottles to end up in landfills.

Some bottled water disrupts ecosystems

Bottled water is harsh on the environment due to the water sources themselves. Most bottled water is filtered tap water. But, some of it comes directly from natural sources, disrupting local ecosystems.

Some water bottle companies re-route natural water sources away from local animals and farmers who rely on it.

These areas usually have limited water supplies to begin with. The Nestle company even created a water shortage in Pakistan by bottling water.

Your tap water is just as safe as any bottled water. So, opting for a refillable water bottle doesn’t mean getting poorer quality water – no matter what the marketing says.

Plastic waste is harmful to Marine Life

Besides clogging our landfills, plastic has a way of washing into our oceans.

Ocean pollution has detrimental effects on the health of marine life. It’s estimated that plastic waste kills 1.1 million marine wildlife every year.

The best way to keep plastic bottles out of the ocean is to quit buying them. It’s another reason reusable bottles are better for the environment.

Benefits of Glass Water Bottles

Instead of using single-use plastic water bottles, there are reusable drink bottle alternatives. Reusable plastic, stainless steel, and glass water bottles are more popular than ever.

Any reusable bottle is better than a single-use plastic one.
Our top choice is a reusable glass water bottle. Its benefits include:

+ Helping reduce waste in landfills
+ Helping protect animals and natural ecosystems
+ Reusable and recyclable
+ BPA-free
+ No plastic or metal taste
+ Transparent to track your hydration
+ Won’t leach chemicals
+ Less bacteria growth over time

At ProPlenish, we’re passionate about doing our part for the environment. Not to mention, providing you with premium marine collagen relies on the health of our oceans.

So, we’re excited to bring you the best reusable glass water bottle available. Make a difference and shop our quality glass bottle today!

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