Signs of Ageing

Age, lifestyle and environmental factors all contribute to the decrease of our bodies’ natural collagen production. From as early as our 20’s the first signs of this decline, commonly known as ageing, begin to appear becoming increasingly more noticeable over time.


ProPlenish products are consciously formulated for your beauty, health and well-being, with each specifically designed to help optimise skin rejuvenation and renewal, and address the signs of ageing from within. See how you can benefit from including ProPlenish in your daily diet at any age.

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Ageing in your 20’s

This is the most important time for the health of your skin. How you choose to invest in your skin now may determine the future health and appearance of your skin, and greatly impact on the rate in which you show the signs of ageing.

Facial ageing begins in your 20’s when collagen production starts to decline at a rate of 1-1.5% per year. As a result skin firmness starts to decrease and fine lines, blemishes and sunspots begin to appear. Free Radicals begin to attack the surface of the skin with environmental damage, sun exposure and a fast paced lifestyle having the potential to lead to premature ageing of the skin.

It’s vital at this stage of life to begin to create a strong skin foundation whilst skin cells are still functioning optimally. It’s beneficial to start collagen-stimulating treatments in your 20s to minimise future collagen breakdown.

Include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in the form of 1 serve per day to assist skin structure, tone and appearance. Nourish skin weekly with a ProPlenish Anti-ageing Bio-cellulose facial mask for a plump, glowing and ultra-hydrated complexion.

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Ageing in your 30’s

Skins elastin and collagen breakdown begins to show the signs of ageing more noticeably in your 30’s. Lifestyle factors such as stress, poor diet, toxins and sun exposure begin to appear in the form of fine lines, including crow’s feet and vertical lines between the brows. Collagen loss and cell turnover begins to slow down more, making your complexion appear dull and lacklustre. Cellulite becomes noticeable and hair and nails begin thinning.

Include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in the form of 2-3 serves per day to help re-activate natural collagen production and minimise further collagen breakdown. Use a ProPlenish Anti-ageing Bio-cellulose facial mask weekly to hydrate and inject vital hyaluronic acid into the skin to help protect and plump the complexion. Nourish skin, minimise crease lines and protect hair with an Anti-ageing Beauty Slipcase.

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Ageing in your 40’s

The signs of ageing becoming more pronounced in your 40’s with the natural life cycle of skin beginning to slow down. Collagen loss and skin elasticity further decrease, resulting in more noticeable skin dullness, ageing, dark spots and hyper-pigmentation from sun exposure. Skin thinning can begin to cause sensitivity, redness, dryness and adult acne. Ageing continues to take its toll on skin with more pronounced lines around the eyes, mouth and forehead; and lips may become less voluminous. Nails become brittle and more prone to breaking, while hair thickness and texture begins to suffer.

In your 40s, oestrogen levels start to drop, which has a detrimental effect on collagen levels. Also, skin doesn’t rebound as effectively from environmental and lifestyle factors, so it is essential that you give your skin all the protection you can. Muscle mass peaks in our early 40’s making it crucial to maintain in order to prevent loss of strength and function in the future.

Include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in the form of 2-3 serves per day to help re-activate natural collagen production and minimise further collagen breakdown to assist skin rejuvenation, improve nail growth, fortify hair and support ligament and joint deterioration. Indulge weekly with a ProPlenish Anti-ageing Bio-cellulose facial mask to repair, hydrate and protect skin.

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Ageing in your 50’s
and beyond

Collagen and elastin is fast declining due to external and internal factors as the effects of ageing that became evident throughout your 40s continue to advance. For women a lack of estrogen in the body has a detrimental effect with collagen levels shown to decrease by 50% within a few years of menopause.

As a result, skin has less ability to retain important moisture, with the complexion becoming dry and lacking radiance. The skin surface tension becomes impaired and the skin structure loses the ability to defend itself. Fine lines turn to more pronounced wrinkles as skin loses elasticity and becomes thinner and more prone to sensitivity and irritation.

The breakdown of collagen also has a greater effect on joints during this age bracket. The decline can cause ligaments, tendons, bones and cartilage to become less flexible and more brittle over time.

Some reports suggest that early intervention at the onset of menopause to stimulate collagen before receptors go down, may have a beneficial effect in preserving the integrity of skin as estrogen levels decline.

Include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in the form of 3 serves per day to help minimise further collagen breakdown, promote skin radiance and soften the visible signs of ageing, nourish nails, maintain hair health, aid wound healing and support joint integrity and mobility.



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