Skin Fitness – Skin Care Tools are Exercise for Your Skin

October 19, 2022

Did you know the best skin care tools can rejuvenate your skin? From quartz rollers to micro-vibrating tools, skin care tools act as a gym workout for your face.

And the best news is, you don’t need to step foot in a gym to get the results. So how do skin care tools create the same effect as a gym workout?

It’s only logical that we need to work out our face muscles the same way we do our body muscles, but why is this often overlooked?

Your body looks and functions at it’s best when you maintain a consistent exercise regime and your skin is no different.

Skin Care Tools are An Anti-Ageing Solution

Your skin fitness is just as vital as your physical fitness and beauty tools like skin care rollers, are an important weapon in your anti-ageing arsenal. Think of it this way: What you eat, the supplements you take, how much water you drink and the sun protection you use all add together to help your skin look younger. It’s the same when you add beauty tools to your anti-ageing arsenal too.

For example: You know that great feeling you get after a workout? Your blood is pumping, you can feel the toxins draining away and best of all? Your skin is glowing. Skin care tools create the same effect on your face by boosting blood flow, stimulating collagen production, and enhancing lymphatic drainage. For your complexion, that means brighter, fresher-looking skin. It’s all in the science, and clever researchers have studied the effects of beauty tools to examine how they work. Here’s what they found. 

Skin Care Tools Boost Blood Flow For Younger-Looking Skin

Better blood flow means younger-looking skin, and today’s beauty tools can help. By rolling with a quartz roller, using a micro vibrating tool or gently scraping the skin with a gua sha, you directly increase your skin’s blood flow to your face. 

Science agrees. One study found beauty tools could reflexively regulate the sympathetic vasodilator nerves.  In other words, using skin care tools caused the skin’s vessels to dilate, increasing the local blood volume. The increase was so large, that it was double the local blood circulation when compared to blood flow pre-treatment. Pretty impressive right?

How Does Increased Blood Flow Help Combat Ageing?

As you age, your skin’s blood flow decreases by 40% between the ages of 20 and 70. In your prime years, that’s a significant drop. This is due to the normal changes that occur in the microvasculature (tiny vessels) of your face as you age. The microcirculation within these tiny vessels is important as it ensures all areas of your skin get enough fluid (perfusion), plus it’s responsible for the balance of fluids to prevent puffiness or dryness. Most importantly, your microcirculation is in charge of the delivery of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Simply put, healthy blood flow keeps your skin tissue healthy. 

However, as you age, when blood flow diminishes, your body’s microvascular response to stressors can decrease. This means its ability to jump to attention and repair things like scarring, changes in temperature and inflammation become reduced.

When this happens, your skin is less able to manage the redness, irritation, and even dryness which can leave your skin looking prematurely aged.

Luckily though, there are things you can do to promote blood flow and minimise these age-related changes to your skin. One of the best ways? Using skin care tools like quartz rollers and micro vibrating tools.

Beauty Tools Decrease Puffiness

Puffiness under your eyes and along your jawline can be hard to budge, especially if you’ve been indulging in champagne and forget to hydrate. Here’s where the best skin tools come in handy.

By rolling with a crystal roller, or gently scraping with a micro vibrating beauty tool, you can boost your skin’s circulation and enhance lymphatic drainage. That means you can help your system flush out the stubborn fluid causing puffiness, and help your body clear it via the lymphatic system. For your skin, this means a smoother, fresher complexion.

How Do Skin Care Rollers Help Clear Puffiness?

Skin care tools are most effective when you use them properly. Whether you’re using a t-bar sculpting tool or a quartz roller, you need to know where your lymph nodes are to optimise their efficacy.

By knowing where your lymph nodes are, you can gently push puffiness towards them, allowing your skin’s inner recycling system (lymphatic system) to process and clear it. 

So, here’s what you need to know: Your face’s lymph nodes are all along your jawline and up around your ear. To get technical, they start from your submental lymph nodes (around your jaw) and run right up to your preauricular lymph nodes (in front of your ear) 

You also have lymph nodes running from beside your nose, right down to your jaw in a diagonal, known as the facial nodes. 

How To Use The Best Skin Care Tools 

Luckily your face’s lymph nodes are easy to access when using a skincare roller, but it helps to roll and massage in a specific direction: Always roll or massage from the middle of your face outwards, and ideally, from down to up.

The direction your roll or gently scrape helps with lymphatic drainage of your skin, and can also help prevent downward dragging of the delicate skin of your face.

Use this same technique when using a dermaroller, the modern at-home micro needling technique taking the world by storm. Discover how dermarollers work to improve your skin.

If you’re looking for skin that glows, using beauty tools to boost your skin’s health is the best new practice to add to your beauty routine. 

Pair your sculpting tool or quartz rolling practice with good hydration and an anti-ageing supplement, and your skin will have never looked better. 



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