Men’s Skin Care: Breaking the Stigma

July 27, 2021

The stigma surrounding men’s skin care causes many men to avoid self-care. But, why shouldn’t men also have healthy, gorgeous skin and hair?

Here, we’re explaining some possibilities as to why the men’s skin care stigma exists along with the best skincare products for men.

Men’s Skin Care: The Stigma

Self-care and skin regimens are dominated by women in popular culture. It’s one of the only areas that men face a strong stigma against them.

It’s deemed as too feminine or unmanly to take care of their skin with masks and serums. But why?

In general, men for the longest time have been shamed into acting “strong” and “tough,” unable to show their feelings and emotions. This bleeds into any area that makes them feel less masculine and more sensitive.

Men with acne aren’t encouraged to use makeup to cover up their blemishes to feel more confident in public. But they’re also not encouraged to curate the best skincare regimen for men possible.

Plus, face products for men are generally marketed for the extreme “manly man” which not every man can relate to. Musky fragrances and a focus on beard care can turn away men who want to smell less intense and who don’t have facial hair.

So, what skincare products are best for men?

Best Skin Care Products for Men

In general, the best skin care for men is the same as the best skin care for women. Skincare doesn’t have a gender. What works for women, generally works well for men too.

However, the real differences in our skin have to do with skin type and the fact that men grow facial hair. Other than that, anti-ageing face masks and skin supplements will work wonders for men.

Collagen Supplements for Men

Collagen is the protein in our bodies that creates the elasticity of our skin. It also contributes to strong, thick hair and improves athletic performance. Here’s why collagen supplements are one of the best anti-ageing products for men.

Skincare and Haircare for Men

As we age, collagen production decreases and we start to see wrinkles, fine lines, and thinning hair. However, collagen supplements can not only replenish our depleted collagen sources but can also stimulate natural collagen production.

Scientific research has shown that collagen supplements can improve skin hydration by up to 91% and increases the thickness and strength of our hair by up to 49%. For men, this is a big deal.

Although biologically, ageing is less of a stressor for men, most still want to avoid unnecessary wrinkles and other signs of ageing. This makes collagen supplements great for men, especially those with thinning hair.

Hair loss and balding is a soft spot for many men. So, as an anti-ageing product and hair care product for men, collagen can be totally transformative.

Men’s Athletic Performance

Men also might not realise the athletic benefits of collagen supplements. When it comes to body image, men commonly prefer to be “bigger” and more muscular. Collagen can help.

Some other scientific studies have show that collagen improves muscle strength, tone, and fat loss. It can also help with joint pain since collagen is naturally found in our joints and muscles.

Since body image can be important to a man’s self-esteem, perhaps moreso than traditional skincare or haircare, the effects of collagen supplements on muscles and joints is a huge perk for men.

Self-Care for Men

For men, self-care often holds its focus in a different place to women. While women often want to look younger, men want to look more manly and strong.

Still, marine collagen supplements are one of the best skincare products for men, helping to improve the look of skin, increase the thickness of hair, and boost athletic performance. What man doesn’t want all of these perks?

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