December 12, 2014

Bec Judd reviews ProPlenish

The always gorgeous Rebecca Judd – wife, mother, model, TV presenter and all round lifestyle guru talks all things ProPlenish this month over on her blog

“….My skin has always been good but I think it’s definitely better now, my hair is more shiny and less dry, but most of all- my nails have stopped splitting and peeling. My mum had been taking ProPlenish like a mad woman in the lead up to my sister’s wedding last month and so many people commented at the wedding on how fantastic she was looking- more akin to one of our sisters than our mum. Mum says her skin definitely feels firmer and she loves how easy (and tasteless!) it is to drink. She takes 2 sachets a day and is on her 4th box….”

Click here to read the full blog post.

* Please note the Bec Judd promo code is no longer valid 


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