January 12, 2015

ProPlenish & Greene St Juice collaborate on skin elixir

January 2015 saw the release of an exciting collaboration between two like-minded Melbourne health and wellbeing companies, Greene Street Juice Co and ProPlenish.

Through our combined belief and passion for optimum health from the inside out, a next generation skin inspired elixir was crafted. The first of it’s kind in Australia, the Greene Street ‘Beauty from within’ elixir contains an antioxidant rich blend of organic wild berries and 3g of ProPlenish Marine Collagen.

“We are delighted with the market response to this exiting collaboration elixir since launching in January 2015. It continues to be one of our most popular blends, frequently selling out. We are thrilled to have worked with the leading edge team at ProPlenish to collaboratively develop a true next generation elixir with the anti-aging benefits of ProPlenish Marine Collagen blended into a delicious combination of powerful antioxidants, natural hydrating electrolytes and healthy fats to get your glow on: organic wild berries and acai, coconut water, coconut flesh and a hint of pure Madagascar vanilla extract. One customer affectionately refers to the collaboration blend as her “fountain of youth”. It has become a core part of her beauty regime, due to its anti-aging qualities in a covenant and delicious serve.” – Greene Street Juice Co.

“One of the best ways to include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in the daily diet is within a juice so we felt it was an amazing and innovative opportunity to collaborate with Greene Street Juice Co. on a beautiful organic elixir. Our aligned values and passionate belief that achieving optimum health starts from within, meant that the project was seamless, exciting and passion filled. We think we have created an amazing elixir that everyone should include in their daily diet for glowing skin and health from within.” – ProPlenish

The elixir is sold exclusively through Green Street Juice Co. flagship store in Melbourne.


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