June 12, 2014

Winter-proof your skin, hair and nails

Winter has now hit in Australia so it’s time to take some steps to best protect your skin, hair and nails from the moisture stripping cold winds, central heating and low humidity.

Dull winter complexion
No thanks! The key to avoiding a dull winter complexion is by optimising your skins hydration. According to dermatologists, dehydrated skin cells turn over more slowly, causing a buildup of dead skin, which hinders light reflection. Circulation also gets sluggish—and before you know it, your glow is gone and fine lines look more pronounced. Studies have shown that by taking collagen daily for 2 months, you can increase skin hydration and resilience by 91%. So, by simply including a sachet or two of ProPlenish Marine Collagen in your daily diet, you can say goodbye to a dull lacklustre complexion and hello to dewy winter skin.

Dry hair
Another unfortunate result of the winter conditions…Increasing your collagen levels can assist in repairing and supporting healthy moisture levels within the hair.

Brittle nails
Dry winter air sucks the moisture right out of your nails and can leave them delicate and vulnerable to breaks and tears. Strengthening your nails from within with ProPlenish Marine Collagen can provide protection against this. In conjunction with a good moisturiser applied twice daily, your nails will be sure to survive the winter.

All over skin protection
Not only does the extra hydration from taking marine collagen help your complexion, it also helps to avoid flaky, dry and irritated skin over the entire body. We have had some fantastic feedback from our customers who have found that including ProPlenish Marine Collagen in their diet, has soothed eczema and dermatitis and assisted in helping their sensitive skin through the winter period.

Include ProPlenish Marine Collagen in your diet this winter and breeze through the cold months with dewy skin, moisture rich hair and strong nails. See our multi-buy deals here


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