Including ProPlenish Marine Collagen in your daily diet

December 17, 2013

One of the great things about ProPlenish Marine Collagen is that it comes packaged in convenient pre measured sachets. This means you can take them with you anywhere to ensure you get your daily dose of Collagen whether on the run or sitting at your desk. ProPlenish Marine Collagen is also tasteless (Original), odourless and blends clear into hot or cold drinks and food, so its super easy to include in your diet.

Remember ProPlenish Marine Collagen is a supplement, so in order to get the best out of it and replenish the collagen that your body is no longer producing you need to include it in your diet every day. Here are some great ways to do so. If you have any other suggestions we would love to hear from you and share them here for everyone to enjoy. Just pop us an email!

Water – One of the quickest and easiest ways to have ProPlenish Marine Collagen. Be sure to blend a single sachet at a time and mix vigorously until dissolved or alternatively you can pour the sachet into a glass of water and leave to sit for 5 mins until dissolved. Often room temperature water is best, avoid straight from the fridge.

Coconut water / Infused water – Coconut or infused water are great alternatives if your are bored with plain water. Add a single sachet at a time and mix until dissolved

Soup – ProPlenish Marine Collagen is heat stable so you can easily blend it into your soup. Great during the winter months!

Fruit Smoothie – Throw 1 or 2 sachets in the blender along with all your other ingredients and whizz away

Porridge/ Granola – Simply mix sachet/s into your morning porridge or granola

Yoghurt – A great way to take ProPlenish Marine Collagen especially if you want to include 2 or 3 sachets in your diet. Blend all sachets into your yoghurt and there is your daily dose done!

Coffee/Tea – Being heat stable means that ProPlenish Marine Collagen can also easily be included in your daily coffee or tea

Frozen Yoghurt – Cheeky but true, if you find you have gotten to dessert and haven’t taken your daily dose of ProPlenish Marine Collagen simply sprinkle on top and mix in



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