September 30, 2016

This month the gorgeous Emily over at STYLEBK shared her results from including ProPlenish marine collagen powder in her daily diet. Read her review below and take a peek at her delicious tropical Tutti Frutti smoothie recipe which includes ProPlenish marine collagen.

Not sure if you’ve noticed the massive wellness trend happening right now? Well, we have and we are thrilled about it! It means we can share all sorts of exciting wellness brands with you!

One of these exciting brands we’ve come across recently is ProPlenish. This innovative, Melbourne brand is a team of scientists, researchers and nutritionists passionate about producing optimal health results. ProPlenish Marine Collagen Powder is easily added to food as well as hot or cold liquids, like our delicious fruit smoothie recipe in this STYLEBK.TV episode.

ProPlenish promises to replace the bodies natural Collagen levels and fight the signs of ageing. They promote that their products will give you younger looking radiant skin, healthy hair and strong nails.


Feeling skeptical? Can a powder you ingest really address the signs of ageing? Well we wanted to find out! ProPlenish recommends having 3 x sachets per day for visibly noticeable results. So, after 2-3 weeks of having 3 x sachets a day, the verdict is out..

✓ Fine lines and wrinkles dramatically shallowed out
✓ Hollows under the eyes appear plumper and firmer
✓ Skin feels smooth and supple
✓ Nails feel stronger and malleable, not brittle

So, the results speak for themselves! We’re completely converted. {Now to order a lifetime supply…} This supplement is an amazing solution for those wanting to try a natural remedy to fight ageing, rather than going under the needle.  If you are keen to read up more on the effects of Marine Collagen powder, have a look at the research ProPlenish have done, here.


ProPlenish currently have 2 x flavours available; Original and Citrus. Original is handy as it’s flavourless, so it doesn’t affect the taste when you add it to food or drink. Citrus is delicious and tastes phenomenal in fruit smoothies. We also noticed that when ProPlenish is blended into a smoothie, it creates a creamier consistency, only adding to the delectable experience! In our fruit smoothie recipe today, we used 2 x Original sachets and 1 x Citrus sachet.

Both flavours come available in a box of collagen sachets or a box of loose powder. They also offer a Travel Pack of sachets, a cute gift idea for mum perhaps? Another fab product they have is their Monthly Subscription Offer. For those not wanting the hassle of placing re-orders, this product offer has you covered!

We are so lucky right now. There are already so many amazing products, cafes and restaurants out there that we have access to. Businesses that have made it their sole purpose to improve our health and wellbeing in a luxe, appealing way. It’s such an exciting time! We are coming into an age of consciousness. There’s a movement of humans who are making conscious decisions to live healthier, happier and more sustainably on our planet.

So if you haven’t already, why not join the wellness movement? Give this delicious fruit smoothie recipe (with ProPlenish) a try and see the results for yourself!

Emily Highfield, Founder and Editor of STYLEBK, has been working as a Designer in the Fashion Industry since 2006. She has worked within some highly acclaimed Australian fashion brands, including YEOJIN BAE, WHITE SUEDE AND WITCHERY. Emily divides her time between working on STYLEBK and designing for her own Sport Luxe Womens Activewear label, HUNTR, which launched in 2015. Her minimal style aesthetic resonates across all aspects of her life and has become a recognisable style identity in the industry.



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