Optimise your health during the Coronavirus pandemic

April 03, 2020

There are actionable things you can do to boost your health and wellbeing during the current COVID-19 pandemic. Not only do these tips really work; consciously doing them everyday can help you feel in-control when it seems the ground is moving beneath your feet.

How to have better immunity during the  COVID-19 pandemic

Better immunity doesn’t mean you won’t catch COVID-19. As we all know, the only proven way to avoid catching the virus is staying home and steering clear of other people, as well as washing our hands. However, we do know when you boost your immunity, your body’s defences are stronger and more powerful. This means your body is better prepared to fight off the virus before you enter stage three of the illness.

Vitamins and immunity during the Coronavirus pandemic

Increase your Vitamin C intake

Vitamin C has powerful effects on immunity thanks to special cells called T cells. T cells work within your immune system to mediate your body’s response to pathogens like virus cells. Studies show vitamin C can enhance the proliferation of T cells.

Too sciencey? No worries. All you need to know is that vitamin C can enhance your body’s natural defences against the virus. 

How much Vitamin C do you need for better immunity? 

Adults should get at around 45 mg per day. While an orange satisfies that requirement, you’re probably not eating an orange everyday! During a health crisis, one of the best ways to ensure you have enough vitamin C is through supplements. Rather than taking a huge handful of different supplements though, look for products that combine multiple vitamins and minerals to get more bang for your buck.

Increase your intake of Selenium during the COVID-19 pandemic

Selenium and immunity go hand-in-hand. In fact, selenium is so closely linked to your immunity, scientists have studied how selenium supplementation can enhance the health of those actually living with viruses. Pretty handy research to have at our fingertips at times like these right?

In one study researchers said: 

“Dietary multimicronutrient supplements containing selenium up to 200 μg/d have potential as safe, inexpensive, and widely available adjuvant therapy in viral infections.”

While this sounds like news to most of us, scientists aren’t surprised. Selenium contains selenoproteins, which work to regulate reactive oxygen species. These species are closely related to inflammation and immunity.

In other words? Dietary selenium strongly influences our body’s inflammatory and immune responses. So eat more of it!

What’s the best way to get more Selenium?

A supplement that contains selenium as well as other goodies we’ve mentioned like collagen and vitamin C  is the best, most deliberate way to ensure you’re getting selenium to enhance your immunity. Look for high quality sources paired with other vitamins to ensure the ingredients are bioavailable. 

Enjoy the benefits of immune boosting Vitamin C, Selenium and Marine Collagen – along with other key vitamins, minerals and botanicals in one convenient sachet a day with ProPlenish Marine Collagen + 

Science proves sleep boosts your immunity

Sleeping well can enhance your immune system, leaving you better able to fight off viruses like COVID-19. How? It’s all about microbiology and those snazzy T cells again.

One study looked at the T cells of two groups: People who slept and people who didn’t. The results were startling: The T cells in the sleep group showed increased levels of integrin. 

In other words? Sleep makes your T cells better at sucking onto pathogens like virus cells. Then they can do their job and kill the virus sooner. Perfect!

How to sleep better during the COVID-19 pandemic

Great sleep is key to boosting your immunity, but it’s also hard to accomplish when the ground beneath your feet feels like it’s shifting daily. That feeling of uncertainty that most of us hate has now become a daily sensation, which doesn’t aid sleep. However, there are things you can do:

+ Avoid reading media about COVID-19 after 4pm
+ Avoid blue lit devices after 7pm
+ No chocolate or caffeine after 4pm
+ Create a nightly routine before bedtime. This may include changing clothes, lowering the lights and turning down the volume on the TV. This may be the time you take your vitamins and supplements to ensure you get the goodies you need to boost immunity.

Staying healthy and well during the COVID-19 pandemic is important for your mental health, as well as your physical wellbeing. Try the tips above to boost your immunity, and stay active, ensuring you get at least 30 minutes of physical activity per day. Avoid the overwhelm, and boost your immunity now.



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