5 Supplements You Should Take During Retirement

July 20, 2020

Taking nutrition supplements is a powerful way to supercharge your health during your retirement. With countless supplement aisles in every supermarket, it can be hard to know which ingredients will truly enhance your health as you age. Here are the best and most effective nutritional supplements to invest in right now.

Marine collagen is a powerful nutrition supplement for joint pain

If you’re suffering from joint pain, you know it can hold you back from enjoying your favourite things in life like walking and sport. It can even make moving around on a cold morning a chore. The most common reason for joint pain as we age is osteoarthritis, which involves a loss of height within our collagen on our joint’s surfaces. 

Collagen supplements can help by improving symptoms of osteoarthritis. Research agrees:

  • One study showed collagen decreased symptoms of osteoarthritis, especially joint pain.
  • Another study showed marine collagen works well with other joint supplements like chondroitin and glucosamine. Those in the trial experienced a 43% decrease in joint pain and a huge 39% increase in joint mobility. 

Like many supplements, look for reputable brands where the marine collagen is highly bioavailable. This means your body can access the super ingredients easily, making your nutrition supplement investment worthwhile.

Nutrition for seniors should include red marine algae for cardiovascular health

Seaweed (algae included) has been prized for its ability to decrease cholesterol and help manage high blood pressure and vascular inflammation for decades. This ability is thanks to the plant-derived sterols. Sterols are an important building block of cell membranes, and it’s been found marine-derived sterols can offer biological benefits targeting:

+ Cholesterol
+ Free radicals
+ Diabetes and insulin levels
+ Blood pressure
+ Inflammation
+ Fungi and bacteria

So if your doctor has warned you you’re on a path towards high blood pressure, now is the time to add supplements to your regime. Nutritionist Cara Clark agrees

Someone struggling with insulin resistance issues or someone trying to naturally combat cholesterol levels and anyone trying to improve their immune health would be a good candidate for red algae,” Clark says

Selenium for Immunity

Boosting your body’s natural defences has never been more important. As well as adding extra armour to your defence against viruses, strong immunity helps you interact with your family and friends more safely. During retirement, you want to be confident you can play with your grandkids without picking up every cough and cold you encounter. 

Selenium has been closely linked to immunity for decades. In fact, researchers studied the effects of selenium supplementation on the daily health of those living with viruses. Selenium enhances your immunity by fighting inflammation, a key marker of illness and disease. Look for nutrition supplements for seniors that blend selenium with other important ingredients for best results.

Chondroitin for Joint Health

Like collagen, chondroitin is a popular supplement for those suffering joint pain from osteoarthritis. Research shows chondroitin can help to decrease pain as it provides structural improvement within the joints.

Calcium for Bone Health

Calcium supplements are very important for women going through menopause. Calcium supplements have been shown to improve bone mineral density (BMD), especially in pre-menopausal women during the phase just before menopause is fully experienced.

If you’re not sure where to turn for supplements during retirement, choose a high quality product that combines a number of the powerful ingredients above. If you hate tablets, choose a powder and add it to your daily smoothie or juice. Adding supplements to your diet in retirement is like biohacking the ageing process; you’re cleverly managing the changes your body naturally goes through. Plus, most of the bioactive ingredients above also help keep your skin, hair and nails looking great as you age. The benefits are endless so waste no time in investing in a quality supplement to maintain your health during your retirement.



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