April 15, 2015

A really noticeable difference in a short amount of time

“I took one sachet of ProPlenish every morning (though you can take 3 if you like) for thirty days and I did notice a difference, firstly in my nails. Prior to taking the ProPlenish my nails were always splitting at the sides and were generally very weak. The difference is now my nails are much stronger and thicker – a really noticeable difference in a short amount of time I thought.

It’s hard to say what a difference it has made to my skin, I do think it doesn’t feel as dry and it looks like it’s starting to ‘plump’ up a bit more, with lines less noticeable. I’d have to continue using the ProPlenish to make an absolute distinction as I realise it takes time to improve skin.

My hair has definitely improved over the last four weeks. It’s shiny and I have noticed I’m not losing as much of it in the shower as I was pre ProPlenish. I’m convinced if I keep using it the benefits will only improve for me” Aussie Product Reviewer (49 year old) aussieproductreview.com.au


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