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This Combo Pack provides you with convenient 3.6g stick Sachets so you can take them wherever you go, as well as Marine Collagen Powder, ideal to have at home in the kitchen.

1 x ProPlenish Marine Collagen Original or Citrus Sachets (RRP $49.95)
1 x ProPlenish Marine Collagen Powder (RRP $89.95)

Key Features

  • Marine Collagen
  • Aids skin elasticity
  • Strengthens hair
  • Assists lean muscle gain & tone



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Our Premium Difference

Australia’s first Marine Collagen
Tried and Trusted. As the pioneers of edible marine collagen in the Australian market since 2010, ProPlenish are proud to continue to set the benchmark.

Marine derived Collagen Peptides
Our highest grade Marine Collagen is sourced from wild caught deep-sea fish. Featuring a greater nutrient profile compared to farm-raised marine options and free from risk of Animal-Induced Diseases (beef, pork derived).

Sustainably Sourced
ProPlenish is sourced from sustainable fishing habitats and ethically made. Non-GMO and cruelty-free.

Type I Collagen
ProPlenish marine collagen is Type I collagen, the most abundant collagen found in the body.

Superior Bioavailability
Formulated using the lowest molecular weight (smallest particle size) hydrolysed marine collagen available making it easier for the body to absorb and digest for quicker, more visible results. Marine collagen is scientifically recognised to be absorbed up to 1.5 times more efficiently into the body than other collagen forms (ie. pork, beef).

100% Natural
Consciously formulated for your beauty, health and wellbeing with no artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours, additives or preservatives; no gluten, dairy, sugar, lactose, wheat, soy; and no fat – free of everything except the benefits.

Scientifically supported ingredients
All products are formulated using cutting edge scientific information as the basis for research and development. We incorporate only Premium ingredients backed by Science so you see real results.

The Beauty of Science®

Including Collagen in your daily diet is Backed by Science so you can be confident that results are tried, tested and proven. Below are a few key studies, to read more click here.

91% saw an increase in skin hydration and resilience in just 2 months of taking
A 2008 study in Tokyo of 33 women aged 40-59 who took Hydrolyzed Collagen daily for 2 months found that 91% of participants experienced an increase in skin hydration and resilience (2).

Skin dryness and scaling reduced by 76% in 12 weeks
A recent study on 26 women with both natural and sun-induced wrinkles, lines, and dryness, ingested 1 gram of Collagen for 12 weeks. At the end of the study, skin dryness and scaling was reduced by 76% and fine lines and wrinkles by 13%.

Increases skin smoothness and hydration with less furrowing in 12 weeks
A study in France on 47 women aged between 35-55 years old, showed an increase in skin smoothness and hydration. After 12 weeks of daily ingestion of Hydrolysed Collagen, 41% of subjects showed less furrowing, less wrinkles, more resilient, more hydrated skin (3).

Thickness and strength of hair increases significantly after just 62 days
A study on the effects of collagen ingestion on growth and thickness of hair, found that the thickness of hair increased significantly after collagen ingestion for 62 days, and more pulling force was required to break the thickened hair. Hair thickness returned to initial size when collagen ingestion stopped (13).

Improved nail defects in 80% of patients
A study on nail defects among women showed that ingestion of collagen improved nail defects. Researchers administered collagen daily to subjects and found that nail defects were improved in 43 of 50 patients (86%). It was also reported that the cessation of collagen ingestion resulted in the reappearance of nail defects (10).

Improved body composition with increased muscle strength, tone and fat loss
A study on Collagen supplementation in combination with resistance training showed that Collagen improved body composition by increasing muscle strength and tone and the loss in fat. (17)

Directions + Ingredients

Directions for use
For optimum results include 1-3 sachets in your daily routine. Mix into water, smoothies, yoghurt or juices. For complete inner and outer beauty use in conjunction with ProPlenish Swiss Snow Algae Anti-Ageing facemask.

Please visit each product for Ingredient information Marine Collagen Sachets Original, Marine Collagen Sachets Citrus, Marine Collagen Powder Original.


7 reviews for Combo Pack

  1. Maliha Mourad

    My skin is clearer my n sails stronger and my hair is glowing and growing wow .
    This is Amazing

  2. Alexandra Tountzis

    This duo pack lasted +3 months. Will repurchase. Results are always consistent. X

  3. Zhanar S. (verified owner)

    Rating :

    Great combination

  4. Kim Elizabeth London

    I enjoy a healthy lifestyle and ProPlenish slipped into my routine easily

  5. Mindi Robins

    I first started using proplenish after having my daughter as I lost a lot of hair, my nails became extremely weak and I noticed dullness in my skin. I was extremely happy with the results and were taking 2 scoops a day. People would ask what skin products I was using all of the time as my skin looked plump with a healthy glow. I found that I also recovered better after exercise soreness which is a bonus too. I went through fazes and would stop taking it and try other products as the market was flooded with different ones to try. I never had the same result, I would always come back. Perhaps the others are not as strong or our bodies don’t absorb them like we do with proplenish, hence why I went back! Proplenish definitely works and is so convenient to use, whether you’re using the satchets or the loose powder.

  6. Alexa Tountzis

    I’m extremely pleased with the results. Thank you! The most significant improvement i’ve noticed whilst using ProPlenish is an improvement in my overall skin tone. My skin is more plump and firm! I’ve also noticed faster hair growth on my scalp and aids in hair shine. I’ve experienced a great reduction in hair falling/shedding when I wash my hair. Thank you ProPlenish. X

  7. Emma Bartlett

    I really enjoy taking ProPlenish. I take it every morning on an empty stomach with water. I noticed results within the first week, particularly in my hip and joint pain and improved muscle tone. By the end of the 6 weeks, my skin looked visibly brighter and clearer with improved elasticity. One year after giving birth to my son, my hair is now growing back thicker and more densely. I would definitely recommend ProPlenish and personally I would like to start taking ProPlenish +, so as to get the benefit of the vitamins as well and feel like I am starting every day off right.

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"My skin looks and feels more hydrated and vibrant"

“I’ve been using ProPlenish marine collagen for about 2 months now and can definitely see an improvement in my skin. Last year I had my first child, and the inevitable sleep deprivation, irregular meals and tiredness was really taking its toll. Thanks to ProPlenish Marine Collagen my skin looks and feels more hydrated and vibrant.” – Susan (36 year old)


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