Embracing Recovery: A Cancer Survivor’s Journey with ProPlenish

May 20, 2024

Navigating a cancer diagnosis is an arduous journey, often marked by uncertainty, fear, and physical challenges. For one brave individual, this journey became a testament to resilience and the power of self-care.

Discover how Dani embraced cancer recovery with ProPlenish, finding solace and rejuvenation post-treatment.


Dani recounts the onset of her cancer journey, from the unexpected discovery to the whirlwind of medical procedures that followed.

“My diagnosis came as a shock; it wasn’t prompted by the discovery of a lump, but by a persistent pain in my armpit. I visited a female doctor who was not overly concerned, there seemed to be some lymph node inflammation which is not unusual in women, and she could not feel anything suspicious in my breasts. She recommended an ultrasound just to be sure that there was nothing to worry about. The ultrasound picked up something that needed to be further investigated but looked like scar tissue in one breast.

This led to a whole series of very overwhelming tests. More ultrasounds, biopsies, mamograms, CT scans an MRI. It was a lot and it literally started the week of my 40th birthday. After 3 weeks of tests, I was diagnosed with stage 2 HER2 positive breast cancer.

My recommended treatment would take around 18 months. This included 6 cycles of chemo and immunotherapy, a double mastectomy and reconstruction surgery and radiation therapy. This process took around 6 months and then targeted chemo for close to 12 months after that.”


Entering the realm of cancer treatment, Dani reflects on the uncertainty that loomed ahead and shares her strategies for navigating through the storm.

“A journey, although cliche, is actually the best way to describe the experience. From diagnosis to post-cancer treatment, nobody’s path is the same but acceptance of it all is the key to being ok with what you are going through.

Surprisingly, I felt post-chemo to be one of the most overwhelming times throughout the process. You more or less know what to expect during chemo in terms of your appearance, but after this there is a lot more unknown.

Your hair starts growing back, “yay” right? but it’s slow and patchy, it grows back to your natural colour but you still don’t have brows or eyelashes. So for me, I would look in the mirror and I didn’t physically recognise the person looking back.”


In the aftermath of chemotherapy, Dani grapples with the challenge of regrowth and discusses how she reclaimed a sense of control with the help of ProPlenish.

“What I found helpful was being able to take some control over the process. Starting ProPlenish was the beginning of taking some control. I was able to help the rejuvenation process, or at least speed it up slightly, by adding ProPlenish daily. Soon after starting ProPlenish my nails improved substantially, they were stronger and grew really quickly.”

Cancer recovery with ProPlenish


Dani reflects on the transformative effects of ProPlenish, highlighting the tangible shifts she observed in her physical and emotional well-being.

“My skin started to feel and look more plump, particularly around my eyes and my hair was growing faster than before taking ProPlenish.

When my hair was long enough, I dyed my naturally dark brown hair platinum blonde. This was another way I felt I could take control and a turning point for me in this recovery process. The dark regrowth is actually super satisfying and means I can really now see how fast my hair is growing and I attribute a lot of that speed of growth and thickening to ProPlenish.”

Cancer recovery with ProPlenish


As ProPlenish becomes an integral part of her daily routine, Dani shares how this practice serves as a reminder of her journey toward renewal and healing.

“ProPlenish will continue to be part of my daily practice. It’s so easy to consume, I take it in my morning coffee (it actually somehow makes it creamier) and I feel so appreciative that there are natural products out there that can help with regenerating the physical effects post-chemo.”

Dani’s odyssey underscores the significance of resilience and adaptation in the face of adversity. Through her testimony, we glean insights into the transformative potential of holistic approaches to post-cancer recovery. As Dani continues to traverse the terrain of renewal, ProPlenish marine collagen remains an unwavering companion, illuminating the path toward restoration and renewal.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Dani for courageously sharing her poignant journey. Her resilience and openness offer a beacon of hope to those traversing similar paths. May Dani’s story serve as a source of inspiration and solace, illuminating the way for others navigating their own post-cancer recovery. Together, may we find strength in shared experiences and forge ahead with renewed determination.



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