October 14, 2021

The Science Behind Face Massage Rollers: Do They Really Work?

As the latest go-to beauty gadget, face massage rollers have quickly made the “essential” list of every skincare enthusiast. Facial rollers seem to be everywhere now. You may have seen them on Instagram, on the shelves of a local store, or even at your friend’s house. But do face massage rollers really work and are they worth all the buzz? Keep reading to find out.

What are Face Massage Rollers?

Face rollers are tools created specifically to help people massage the face. They often have a cool, smooth surface and can come in a range of materials, such as:

+ Plastic
+ Stainless steel (these are sometimes called “ice rollers”)
+ Crystal, including jade, amethyst, and rose quartz (like the Micro-Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller from ProPlenish).

To use a face roller, you simply hold it by the handle and roll the massage head over your skin.

Do Face Massage Rollers Really Work?

While many of us regularly sweat at the gym, we tend to overlook the importance of Skin Fitness, or working the muscles in the face just like you do with your body. The science behind face massage rollers stems from the same principle: rolling your face may help to release muscle tension and reduce stress, as well as improve blood circulation in the skin and facial muscles.

Here are some key benefits of using a facial roller:

Decreases puffiness
Using a face roller may help to decrease face puffiness by stimulating lymphatic drainage.

Improves blood circulation in the face
Using a face roller can improve blood circulation in the face, which can make your skin feel firmer and look brighter.

Cools and soothes your skin
If you store the roller in the refrigerator, it will cool the skin on contact, which can help tighten pores and quickly de-puff your skin.

Helps with stuffy sinuses
Some studies have shown that using this beauty tool may help to clear stuffy sinuses.

Distributes skincare products
Rollers are usually used with a moisturiser or oil to help the tool easily glide across the skin. It is believed that the massage process can deliver the product deeper into your skin, helping to reap the maximum benefits of the active ingredients.

Choose the Micro-Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller from ProPlenish

While there are countless facial roller products available on the market, not all face massage rollers really work and deliver the same benefits.

As such, natural rose quartz stone used in the Micro-Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller from ProPlenish is effective at promoting the production of collagen, increasing circulation in your skin, and improving lymphatic drainage, which, in turn, helps to remove toxins and waste from your body.

As compared to its jade counterpart, rose quartz will last longer, remain cool with skin contact, and deliver better wrinkle-reducing results.

In addition, the ProPlenish Micro-Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller enhances the benefits of traditional facial rolling with low-intensity microcurrents, which help to relieve facial muscle tension and sculpt the face for noticeably brighter skin. Shop now.

Pair the ProPlenish Anti-ageing facemask with Micro-Vibrating Rose Quartz Roller for the ultimate at home facial.

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