Busy Mum Guide to Self-Care: Prioritising Wellness with Brogan Kate

April 09, 2024

In this interview, we chatted with Brogan Kate, a busy Mum who's dedicated to balancing the demands of parenthood and business while prioritising her health and well-being.

Discover how she incorporates ProPlenish into her daily routine, the noticeable improvements she’s seen in her skin and hair, and her top tips for fellow Mums looking to prioritise self-care.

As a busy Mum, how do you find time to prioritise self-care, and how does ProPlenish fit into your self-care routine?

It’s definitely not always easy but I think it’s super important to just make time. For me ProPlenish is a part of my daily/weekly self care routine. I make sure I take 1-2 sachets of the collagen each day either the neutral flavour In my morning coffee or the Citrus flavour in my water bottle. 

Weekly I make sure I use the beautiful face mask with my crystal roller. This makes such a huge difference to my skins hydration. It’s an absolute favourite and has been for years now.

Busy Mum Guide to Self-Care: Prioritising Wellness with Brogan Kate

Can you share any noticeable improvements you’ve seen in your skin, hair, or overall well-being since starting ProPlenish?

When I had Dempsey my youngest I got really slack with taking ProPlenish and it wasn’t until around the 12month postpartum mark that I realised that it was an essential that I needed to be taking to support my skin and hair especially during the crazy hormonal changes you experience.

I lost a lot of hair after Dempsey and once I started focusing on a scalp care routine I soon jumped straight back Into making sure ProPlenish was a daily must have to help support hair growth and lessen my hair fall. (I’d been doing a lot of research into minerals and vitamins and collagen was the one that was literally at the top of every list.)

I have literally been taking it everyday since and noticed big improvements with my hair using ProPlenish in conjunction with a low tox hair care range.

ProPlenish marine collagen Citrus Sachets

How do you like to incorporate ProPlenish into your meals?

To be honest I really am pretty simple with it. On the days I don’t feel like drinking loads of water. ProPlenish is a saviour. I love the citrus flavour to help keep the fluid intake to the max. 

As a Mum, why do you think it’s important to invest in products like ProPlenish for your health and well-being?

Because we matter as well. Such small things can make a huge difference. As we age, it’s harder to keep up our natural collagen levels so in order to maintain skin elasticity and glow, thicker hair and stronger nails, you need to invest in yourself with this beautiful collagen.

I always know when I’m feeling my best and nourishing and caring for my body. I’m a better Mumma.

Busy Mum Guide to Self-Care: Prioritising Wellness with Brogan Kate

What advice would you give to other busy mums looking to prioritise their health and incorporate supplements like ProPlenish into their routine?

Stop thinking about it and do it. My favourite saying is “nothing changes if nothing changes” it’s not easy being a Mum and always caring for everyone else.

If you set aside some time to invest in YOU it’s not only you that benefits from that.

I would say consistency is absolutely key with any self care and if you’re adding ProPlenish to your routine, the longer you take these amazing products the better the results.

How do you incorporate our beauty tool/mask into your beauty routine as a busy Mamma?

Always at night time. I love the interchangeable heads on the beauty tool. It’s like a facial at home where you can do it all in under 20 minutes. I love using the crystal roller with the face mask to make sure the serum penetrates as much as possible and I always squeeze out any residual and plaster that liquid gold all over my face and neck! It’s so hydrating and a great in combination with the beauty tool.

Thanks for chatting BK x

You can follow Brogan and her adventures via her Instagram account @brogankate



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