Beauty starts from within: How what you eat can transform your skin

June 18, 2020

What you eat can have a huge impact on your skin, and if you’re already eating a balanced diet, a few small changes can make a noticeable difference. You know all the classic beauty-related diet advice like drink lots of water and don’t over-caffeinate, but what about the specifics? Let’s dive into the best things you can eat now for brighter, healthier-looking skin.

Eat collagen-containing food for healthy hair and skin

Pineapple, egg whites, garlic and collagen supplements are the best way to help restore your skin’s collagen stores. Collagen forms the building blocks of your skin’s connective tissue, and after the bright young age of 20, our collagen cell turnover starts to slow. By replenishing your body’s collagen stores, you can increase your cell turnover, immediately providing more collagen when your skin needs it.

It’s true bone broth and pineapple both contain collagen, but you have to eat a lot to create change. When it comes to collagen for beauty, supplements are the most effective, and the experts agree:

“Normally as a nutritionist I would recommend food first over supplements, but collagen is an exception because most of the studies that suggest a benefit have been done with supplements rather than food”, nutritionist Fiona Hunter told the BBC.

Eating collagen really works too. A study found after 4 weeks of oral collagen supplementation, participants had a statistically significant improvement in skin elasticity vs. placebo; particularly in women over 50. 

The evidence is compelling, so when you’re looking for collagen supplements, choose high quality products with proven rapid absorption, making them more effective. 

Nuts are one of the best food for skin repair

Nuts are the ultimate beauty food. Sure, you’ve heard not to have too many because they’re high in fat, but adding them to your daily diet is a must for your skin.

Almonds contain Vitamin E, making them the ultimate nut for skin health. Nutritionist Kim Snyder told Vogue: [Vitamin E is] “the skin-beautifying antioxidant, since it’s present in human epidermal tissue, [where it] creates smoothness and suppleness.”

Brazil nuts are great for your skin too. They contain Selenium, a powerful supporter of your immunity. By helping regulate inflammation, Selenium can help protect your skin against sun damage and ageing. Plus, it works in partnership with antioxidants in other nuts like Vitamin E and C. Selenium has also been proven to boost your heart health, which means better circulation for glowing skin.

Citrus are your skin’s defence against pollution, the sun and oxidation

Oranges, lemons, limes and kiwifruit aren’t just deliciously tangy, they help arm your skin against daily insults, and even boost collagen production. Their power is thanks to Vitamin C, an essential part of collagen synthesis. 

Eating vitamin C also supercharges your skin’s defences. Daily insults like harsh weather, car fumes, air pollution and UV can irritate skin, causing inflammation and breakouts. Vitamin C targets the harmful by-products of oxidation from these insults, and clears them away before they show up as dark spots on your skin.

Healthy skin diet plan

Forget meal plans, the best way to boost your skin’s health with food is by drinking a skin-loving smoothie everyday.

You’ll need:
1 x Kiwi
1 tbsp LSA mix
1 x orange
½ lemon squeezed
5 x Brazil nuts
2 x rings pineapple (fresh or canned)
1 x scoop of collagen powder
4 x ice cubes
½ cup water

Method: Blend them all together, and you have the ultimate beauty smoothie. 

From fewer wrinkles to firmer, plumper-looking skin, eating for beauty really works. Add these essentials to your diet and in four to six weeks, you’ll see a noticeable change in your skin, hair and nails.



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