April 15, 2015

Where is ProPlenish Marine Collagen sourced from?

ProPlenish Marine Collagen is the purest and highest grade marine collagen in the world. Unlike other forms of collagen from fresh water fish (farmed) and animals (pork,beef), ProPlenish Marine Collagen is sourced from deep sea fish of the pristine waters of the Pacific Ocean. All of our products are proudly made in Australia.

The product strictly does not contain shark fin, dolphin, whale, shellfish or crustaceans. It is 100% natural and has no additives, preservatives, fat, hormones, carbohydrates, lactose or gluten.

ProPlenish Marine Collagen is stringently tested for heavy metals including Mercury. We can guarantee our Marine Collagen is safe and certified.

Please go to nutritional information, research and testimonial pages for further information.

Not suitable for Vegans.

* Please be mindful of cheap imitations and lower grade collagens on the market from China which are often made from farmed fish, beef, pork or chicken.


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