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Choc beauty brownies

Try this simple and delicious recipe which includes the added beauty benefits of ProPlenish marine collagen. This is one chocolate brownie recipe you’ll glow from indulging. Ingredients – 2 tablespoons.

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Marine Collagen beauty balls

Protein balls are the perfect quick and healthy power snack. The bite size pieces of goodness are also a perfect opportunity to get your daily dose of ProPlenish. Try this simple.

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Chia Pudding

Dessert for breakfast, yes please! These delicious little chia puddings are a rich  source of nutrients  and antioxidants to  help you glow from the inside out. 3 cups unsweetened.

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Anti ageing juice

Nutrition is a big part of anti-ageing. The antioxidants, enzymes and nutrients are what give fruit and vegetables anti-aging properties. Juicing green vegetables breaks down the plant’s cell walls.

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Quick anti-ageing chia seed puddings

We have been lucky enough to have author Andi Lew of ‘Eat Fat, Be Lean’ supply us with a super quick anti-ageing chia seed pudding recipe which includes ProPlenish.

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